A couple of people asked me what they are and why I bother to do them. It puzzles some people, since it actually ends up taking hours of my time per month. So, I thought I’d answer it here too.

First, do you all know what a “fan sign” is? Well, I didn’t until I was asked to make one. With the help of Google, I quickly learnt that a “fan sign” is a picture of someone holding a sign with a person’s name and/or message.

My Reasons
  • It’s a great opportunity for me to show my appreciation to friends.
  • It’s a simple thing that has a positive impact.
  • It gives people an opportunity to have something related to Dota 2 or an event. (Not everyone has access or can afford to attend events or buy items.)
  • It’s quite fun to relax and take expressive pics. ^_^

How Did It Start?
It all started when I was in Germany. I was at The International @ Gamescom. Someone asked for a fan sign on the dpmlicious Facebook Page. Suddenly, more people wanted it too. It really was more of them wanting to be part of the event or have a piece of it. With no time to buy materials, I just bought regular paper and a marker from a small store at the venue. I barely had any time to write them and definitely no time to take them, so I ended up taking them at the end of the day. This explains the messy look.

Fan signs @ Gamescom

After I posted them up, more people asked for one too. Because I was no longer at the event, I decided to make it as similar as the originals.  Shortly after this first batch of Dota 2 themed fan signs, more requests came, so I made Batch 2. There are already over 100 requests for Batch 3, so I better take them quickly!

DOTA 2 Themed Fan Signs (Batch 1)

Batch 2!

After the International, I also decided that I should ask people if they wanted fan signs from events prior to the event, so that I have time to write them. The next event that I attended was The Games XPO, a regional event held in Singapore.

Will I Continue?
Yes, I will continue to make them available for as long as I can. I hope that I can meet the demand without making people wait too long. I would like to be able to make one for anyone who requests, even if they ask for one every single time. I do not want to resort to only making them as some sort of prize. To me, they are not a prize only meant for a lucky few but a simple gesture of appreciation for my friends.

Future Fan Sign Batches
Dota 2 themed (Batch 3) – Make your requests on this FB status.
Pinoy Gaming Festival 2011 – Request thread coming soon!

6 Responses

  1. cobi schwab

    mam dpm will you please do me a fansign? 🙂 please? would you? coz you’re so cute and lovely 🙂 thanks.

    -cobi from PH.

  2. boss

    Just wanted to thank you for your time. It’s really cool that you spend so much time on this for people. You are a really cool guy 😀

  3. Theofficialtd

    Can you get me one of a hot girl and preferably a booty pic using theofficialtd


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