Dota 2 is a free-to-play action RTS game now in closed beta. You need a beta key to activate the account on Steam. Basically, it is the original DotA being made as a standalone game. There are 90 completed heroes, with 18 more to go before all of the heroes are added in.

Keys are much easier to get these days, but I still see people looking for them. Because they are readily available, I have stopped giving beta keys, so I can focus on other things.

If you want one RIGHT NOW, you can safely buy one directly from Valve on the official Dota 2 Store for USD29.99. The Dota 2 Invite comes bundled with a bunch of items.

Things to know if you are looking for a key:

  • They should be free, unless you are buying it from the Dota 2 Store
  • If you do end up buying one from someone, it is at your own risk
  • Beware of sites manipulating people into liking/following them (They might not have any)
  • Some are region-locked, which means only people in certain countries can use them

Global Sources

Asia Pacific Sources (Region-Locked Keys)

If you are confused on how to use a beta key, send an invite or have bugs with your game these links might be useful:

There are many other sources, but I cannot vouch for their validity. Be careful in being scammed of your time, efforts, privacy and money. Good luck and have tons of fun! ^_^

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    […] DOTA 2 is in its closed beta phase. This means that you need a beta key to download and play it. The beta key is free and I highly discourage people to try to buy any from anyone besides the pack from the Dota 2 Store. Here is some info on how to get a key. […]

  2. danielcheah

    the link tell me that i hv get the survey,but how come i can’t active my dota 2 beta key? anyone can help me please?


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