Life is short. More should be done. Do you often find yourself thinking or talking about the same plan or something you are unhappy about? How often do you take action? I find myself frequently talking about the same plans or thinking about executing them, but taking my time in actually taking action. I think many of us are guilty of this.

There are many reasons why this happens, but not all of them apply to me. Some that apply to me, might not apply to you. If an interviewer asked me for my biggest flaws, I would say being an over perfectionist and having too many good ideas.

Less Talk, More Action

Planning is important, but we often fall short of taking action. Planning and talking about it might make us feel good enough, even though we haven’t done anything. Sometimes we want it to be completely perfect that we miss out on the opportunity or delay results with being too much of a perfectionist.

I had and have numerous plans sitting there waiting to be developed and implemented. For example, I really have been meaning to work on being more physically healthy. But, I find myself delaying when to start with excuses of I can postpone it to the next day. Hence the shot of the shoes above. Newly bought weeks ago and still unused. Will be used tomorrow and almost everyday until I need to replace them.

Strive for More

Being content is a good thing only when you still achieve for more. Being able to stay content with your life despite setbacks is important. We shouldn’t lack motivation because we are afraid of failure.

I wouldn’t say I have ever spent my life not wanting to achieve more. However, there are times that I just feel comfortable and let myself relax more than needed. Just because life is “good enough”, doesn’t mean it can’t be better. More importantly, the more fortune we have in our lives, the more responsibility we have to share and help those who weren’t and aren’t ask lucky as us. Time for me to make sure I’m moving forward.

Focus Fire 

Just like in a game, if you focus fire on one target, you’re going to kill it faster than hitting others. If you find yourself spread too thinly, focus on your primary new goal first, get your rhythm going and weave in something else later.

My passion in numerous areas and ability to churn out ideas makes me want to do so many things, then get overwhelmed with how much I’ve planned. But enough is enough! I decided to renew my blog, return to streaming (Please Dota 2, please work for me! :p) to get the ball rolling.

Just Do It

Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that my new gym shoes are from Nike.  One last thing. Remember to set concrete and measurable achievements for the steps toward your greater goal. Besides making sure you stick to your own plan, it’s a great motivator when you track on how well you are doing.

What is your current ambitious new goal you are working on now? Care to share? ^_^

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