With the recent Dota 2 SEA server maintenance that started today, tons of people have said “what am I going to do” on my Facebook page. So, I’ve come up with a few things you can do. XD Feel free to pitch in. (Props to you if you spot my silly typo! LOL)

FYI, I often face high ping when playing. To SEA, I normally get 90+.  To US West, 230+. To US East/EU West, 330+. Sometimes more. The good thing is that it’s normally okay since I play support. I wonder how well I would perform if I had lower latency though. Hmm. o.O!

Thought I’d share a couple more thoughts on these points. I kept it short for the pic.

1.  Watching in-game or streams

Great tournaments are definitely interesting, especially if you’ve got awesome casters covering it. Also do check out some streams of your favourite players or community peeps. On this note, I really do intend on streaming my casual sessions again and have a little project up my sleeve. Something fresh. =)

2. Play support

Playing support isn’t as easy as some people think, especially if those people rarely or never play support. Even if you play carry 99.9% of the time, it’s a good time to understand the issues that supports have… from being underlevel, super poor, super slow or unable to deward/ward alone. It’s even harder when you solo queue and have a bunch of people who don’t know each other. XD

3. Practice/learn other heroes in bot MM games

Btw, yes you do get Battle Points and item drops from “Co-op bot matches”. This is five people against five bots, but different from a custom game. You do not get item drops from custom games. These games are pretty easy, unless you’re fairly new to the game or solo queuing and end up with people who are new to the game. The plus side is that there is no annoying troll opponents who are bad mannered. A hidden plus is that you might discover some hidden gems of talented gamers who are new to Dota 2, but can pick it up really easy. If that doesn’t entice you, you might make some of these new players’ day by giving them some useful tips (if they want and accept them).

4. Play fun modes with friends in custom games

You know those friends you’d rather not play with often because your probability of winning with them is 0.01% or as much as you adore them as your friend, they rage like a rabid dog when they die once (even when you’ve got a huge advantage)? Now might be a good time to sneak in a few games with them so they don’t feel neglected. XD Hopefully, losing won’t matter as much because there are no stats in custom games. =)

5. Try other games
I LOVE Dota 2 and it’s my main game. But, there are tons of other awesome games out there as well. For instance, I enjoy SC2 and have recently played The Walking Dead. Having a few games you’re really into is great because if the server is down for one, you can play the other! You get to make more friends! If you’re looking to work in the gaming industry, even if you’re dying to work for a specific publisher, knowing more about games is a plus. 😀


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