Take a sneak peak at DotA2’s graphics and features. The new Defense of the Ancients Allstars will be coming out next year. All of the current DotA Allstars heroes will be available on Valve’s Source Engine. You can also check out a full feature article by Adam Biessner on gameinformer.

What can we expect from DotA2?

1. Better teamwork
The integrated voice chat will give those who normally do not use ventrilo or other voice connection options better communication. This will hopefully increase the quality of public games. For those who use voice chat programmes, it will make it more simple and reduce inconvenience when the voice connection drops with the need to tab out.

2. Unique Hero graphics and voices
Each hero is being crafted to be easily identified and distinguishable from other characters. This makes it easier for players to understand the situation and appropriate action.
There will be custom voice work with entertaining lines from heroes.

Fearless Firey Lina! I wonder what she will sound like.

3. Better Community Experience
Valve is going to provide an interactive platform to minimise social friction. They might include in-game rewards that encourage positive community interaction. I am really looking forward for a more integrated community platform for DotA players. By having a consistent and centralised ladder and incentives, I believe that the gameplay experience will increase.

Maybe with a better community, we won't look like Bloodseeker, geared for battle with each other.

4. Better Experience for New Players
DotA2 will be easier to break into for new players with (1) skill-based match-matching (giving newbies a chance to play with people on the same level), (2) interactive guides, (3) a coaching system and (4) AI bots in unranked training matches. I have not seen a coaching system in other action-RTS games. It might be useful, but it probably isn’t that important or will be commonly used. Players would probably be more interested playing with their friends as they teach them, rather than watching them play.

Newbies will be able to try out more difficult to use heroes, such as Morphling, instead of sticking to the same few heroes!

5. Better Experience for Veteran Players
With a skill-based match-making system, it would be less likely for experienced DotA players to have to endure the amateur moves of a new player. There will also be AI bots to replace disconnected players. I think that som players might prefer to be able to control the leaver or take their items than have an AI bot play for them, particularly in a high-level game. It might be better to have a voting option, so that the members of the affected team can decide if they want the AI bot. Would it increase the number of leavers? Players might encourage others to leave because they think the AI bot will be better. Leavers will feel better in leaving, since they don’t feel it has a huge impact on the game.

Imagine now much more buff the pro players will be in pub games, without the feeders cramping their style.

I am looking forward to the release of DotA2! The gameinformer article did not answer all questions that we might have, such as:

1. Will there be a reconnection feature?
Given that other RTS-action games have this feature, I believe that they will have this feature.

2. Will it be free to play?

I am guessing that it will be free, but we will never know until it is released. There are advantages for the game to charge a certain fee. For example, there would be fewer smurf accounts with people doing stupid things. This might help strengthen the community.

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  1. Stratubas

    It should be free, with donation option which would allow you to play vs other donators that won’t be leavers etc. Nice, huh?

  2. Chaos

    This game is awesome but this game well be more fun when its not pay to play

  3. Hater

    stingy bastards. Can’t you even pay Icefrog 20 dollars? How fucking poor are you?

  4. ano.guy

    It’s great but I hope its free to play… because that’s how DotA became famous… for being free.

  5. Kutta

    actuallly we can pay but not all time dude we payed for a3 and counter strike source but not for dota ice frog lefted blizzrd for us as they were making maps payable understood

  6. Fariz

    Whoa, COOL!!!
    I like the new bloodseeker, it looks great!

    but i also think it will be better when free.. XD

  7. Andy

    this one will be a very nice game if players don’t need to pay any fee 😀
    good luck ice frog 🙂

  8. Smokemeup

    perfect for this game is One time fee like in HoN … you still get to kick all the scrubs out and ppl care for there leavs cus they have to pay if they leave ;] when it comes to money we are all rly careful . So my vote goes forr One time Fee !

  9. Hater#2

    This game MUST NOT BE FREE
    all those cry babys that cant save 20-40$ to pay for this game must not play ….
    DotA aint free you play it for free cus ppl hackd Warcraft 3 if its not free there wont be any 10 years old kids that join and do nothing ….

  10. Lover

    This is a good announcement for the Dota genre.

    Dpm, you are quite pretty! 🙂
    Hope to see you writing more about the Dota genre.

  11. Panamana

    I understand that some people are against paying for DOTA2 since you don’t have to pay for DotA as a mod or LoL… But seeing as this is a professionally developed, high quality game, we must.

    To keep the game afloat Valve will want moneyz, remember they’re not doing it for the thrill of spawning their own creation like the devs of DotA did, they’re going to be expecting some money out of it. And seriously, grow up, paying $20-$50 for something you’re going to invest a lot time into, and something that has been worked on by a high quality team is no biggie.

    And I’m not going to dance around it, LoL is ruined for me by the way you gain new heroes, either by pouring vast amounts of time into the game, or simply buying it. It’s ridiculous, and is obviously the only way they make any money. I’d rather have payed the $30 I payed for HoN and have access to all the heroes from the beginning.

    Grow up.

  12. Dota 2

    I also have high hopes for this one, Valve has not disappoint me yet and I don’t think it will. A lot of hating on the forums but when the game comes out everyone will play it.

  13. DotaFan

    hell! cannot wait for this :D, anyway it would be nice if it will be a free game with optionable vip-accounts with various bonus that needs to be payed, however both have advances of making dota2 a free game or a pay to play games, dota became popular because it’s also free, surely making dota2 a pay to play game will decrease huge ammounts of players but will also kick out those account-spammer-peoples…lol, what counts for valve is making money… i’m afraid that it won’t be a free game >.>

  14. harit jaichand

    look ppl i do appreciate your wishes of making dota a payable thing but there are many ppl from third world countries like me who dont hv funds n hv to earn things the hard way. Not only this, 20 dollars in my currency is roughly 1000 units which makes it quite expensive u see

  15. buko

    I will be daaaamned, at last something interesting in the game front. Go IceFrog !

  16. XcyTheR

    Guys, WOW. Dota is already such an awesome game, I cant even begin to imagine what Dota2 will be like..! As to the paying matter, I really hope it’s free, but as we all know, that’s really not going to happen. BUT, I know Dota2 wont lose ANY costomers if they have a once-off payment fee for the game, like HoN, I mean, ITS DOTA2!! Everyone wants to play dota. But if the payment will be continuous like WoW, well.. I think Dota2 will definately lose custemers.

    Anyhow, I cant wait for this game, and will DEFINATELY be one of the first to play! 😀 😀 😀 Icefrog, i love u man

  17. ursawarrior

    Lina looks hot. Literally.
    And to those who wanted drow to be hotter, she shouldn’t. Her Frost Arrows will melt.


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