Recently Rapture Gaming Network‘s (RGN) Facebook page announced that ToFu has joined Kingsurf. ToFu, himself, has confirmed that he has not joined.

I believe that there was a misunderstanding because of an announcement on a supposedly “official” Kingsurf Facebook page stating that ToFu, iceiceice, xiaogui, d4rk and myth would be invited. I am not sure what th situation is with the other players.

In the process of finding out the truth, I discoveredĀ a fake ToFu Facebook profile, which both ToFu and I have already reported. You can help take it down by following these instructions.

I also am uncertain about the authenticity of the so-called “official” Kingsurf Facebook pages. Their original page has 3,197 fans, but that page recently announced that they have a new page that now has 358 fans.

1. The original page is at There is no reason why Kingsurf would choose to label it “emo.gaming”.

2. There is no logical reason for them to change their fan page, since both of them are pages and under the same “Games/Toys” category.

3. The original Kingsurf wouldn’t be so easily conned by a fake ToFu and would probably have ToFu’s direct contact details.

I will try to get to the bottom of this and verify whether it is truly the official page or not. For now, I highly recommend all fans, players, organisers and sponsors to beware of fake player profiles and team pages.

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