Most of my day was spent organizing and tidying up my room. I have been travelling quite a bit over the past year. I was going to relocate to Singapore, but moved back to Hong Kong again. Today, I successfully unpacked three boxes that I mailed to myself.

Just want to share why it’s great to keep your room tidy. It definitely is better to do the organizing yourself. I grew up with a domestic helper as a kid and this made me really reliant on her to locate things, not to mention spoilt. Being able to find things on your own really helps and organization is an important life skill.

A tidy room helps you focus on whatever you need to do, whether it be studying, working or gaming. Having random things lying around distracts you or gives you a restless feeling.

Knowing where things are placed saves you tons of time from turning things upside down just to find one thing. Also, when things are tidy, it is easier to move about and get to things.

This is pretty obvious. Even if your room is spotless, the way things are organized and structured can affect your health. For example, sleeping on a bed with tons of other things might affect your posture.

Room for More Things! (My real reason! Kidding :P)
One big motivation/reward is being able to get the awesome panda beanie you see above. I’ve been eyeing him and waiting for one that is not defective to arrive at the store. He’s pretty huge considering that the panda on top of him is a hand puppet. ^_^

Making a Difference
Don’t forget that just because you don’t want something, doesn’t mean that someone else might not want it. Also, try not to hoard things if you probably won’t use them anyway. Although it is much more charitable to give things based on people’s needs than what you don’t want, we shouldn’t get things go to waste.

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