Day 3, the day that determined which teams would definitely win some moolah. The teams that reached Round 3 in the Losers Bracket were guaranteed at least USD 25,000. Imagine, knowing that you would away with at least USD 5,000 each… or perhaps less, if your management gets a cut.

Before it opened up to the public, I went around taking photos of the teams and press that were hanging out. I might have taken too many photos of Mineski because look at what happened when I asked them for a photo! LOL. Kidding. I asked them to make more interesting poses because I was getting bored of taking photos that looked the same… either (1) teams sitting in their seats getting reading to play or (2) teams posing for a photo (usually standing up together).

I must say that the teams’ sponsors seemed to go all out. Gaming gear sponsors had them decked out with full sets of gaming gear bags and cases. Coolmaster had flip flops for Mineski.Infinity!

I felt like being in more photos with everyone, especially after some requests to do be in some photos. I think my non-gamer friends will finally stop having a stereotype of gamers as being nerdy and unattractive because every single person I took a photo of is HOT! Then again, I’m obviously biased when it comes to DOTA 2 players.

People wanted to see more of the shoutcasters and the area, so I took more photos of them and the booth. I really felt like an noob with my tiny camera compared with the people walking around with HUGE DSLR cameras on tripods.

It was yet another perfect day, for a perfect week of DOTA 2.

Day 3 Pics @ FB Album (Coming Soon)

MYM! Before the crowd arrived! Otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to get them without some fans stalking them or something. LOL!

Virus! <3 No, I did not arrange them in a V-shape according to height order. LOL! Okay, spot which one is NOT their in their DOTA 2 team, but is infact an SC2 player… and who didn’t get enough sleep! Hehe.

MiTH-Trust. This time… not sleeping! ^_^

MUFC. I tried taking a photo of them just chilling, but they’re so photogenic that they even smiled in those… HAHA!

Gosugamer busy bringing you the latest news! Yes, even the DotA press are HOT! DotA has one sexy community!

“dpm, NO! No more photos! PLEASE!” Kidding. They didn’t say that. I asked them to do more interesting poses.. than the regular.. “let’s all stand together side by side!” ones.


That is when I noticed that Mineski.Infinity had Coolmaster slippers!

Me + Bly (SC2 gamers from Virus). Made me consider rethinking whether or not I’m interested in SC2 as well! 😛

Me + Veyron. PlayDotA Competitive Staff! He got a compliment about how good he looks from a PD forumer! :O

THE Mooseman himself! Why is my only photo with him all blurry and with my fringe being crazy? T_T

Me with MUFC. Finally, a photo with them where I don’t look twice their width. They’re all so tall and thin! ZOMG. I’m next to SHARKY!

Where the action happened! The best controlled environment for the elite to play the best possible games!

Sometimes I felt like all these pro cameramen were thinking “Who on earth is this random girl with her tiny camera?” LOL

Tobi Wan Kenobi… blurred… not because of poor photography skills, but a fast reaction to the in-game action? LOL

What better to top off an already perfect day, than to walk back to the press booth to this? ^_^

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    @ gpardini. Sorry that I didn’t see this comment earlier. I’m 163cm.
    @ aza. I’m not a pro photographer, but I would like to learn more. =)


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