More adaptor trouble! Not only did my adaptor keep falling apart and out of the socket during day 1, it went missing. I wasn’t able to charge anything in my room, use my hairdryer or hair curler. Ended up with very messy looking hair. Luckily, a store at the venue had the adaptor that I needed, so I could hook up my sexy Alienware M17x to share pics and updates.

MiTH-Trust was there really early, with members sleeping on the chairs. Managed to interview TnK while the area was still closed to the public and quiet enough.

I had two requests from the PlayDotA forum. Take pictures of (1) gamers at the PCS and (2) the entire DOTA 2 booth from the outside. I checked that I was allowed to take pictures before they started playing, so managed to take some cool looking pics. Also surprised people with how much trash there was on the floor.

The press booth was quite happening with some of the teams chilling around me! Mineski,! Some sitting next to me! I think at one point, I had one on each side and some behind!

It was so exciting being around such elite players and being at the event, that I barely needed to eat. Food? What’s food, when you can watch DOTA 2? LOL. I might have forgotten if my friends didn’t remind me to eat something.

Besides the adaptor fiasco day #2, the only other bad thing was the downside of having such a slim camera. Many people will probably end up taking fuzzy photos because their hands shake when they take the photo. Any sponsors for a cool DSLR camera? LOL
Day 2 Pics @ FB Album (Coming Soon)

Even with messy, unstyled hair, the day started off AWESOME because of DOTA 2!

Tired from late night meetings!

TnK from MiTH-Trust. After our interview. Don’t know why he looks unhappy/scared. >< Didn’t want a pic with me? LOL

It was the day I started taking awesome looking photos of them inside the almost sound-proof booths! Sexy screens!

Took this while taking photos of the DOTA 2 booth’s exterior. Razer’s booth was right behind me… with strobe lights reflecting off my shiny laptop screen. I think I can deduce that I do not have epilepsy… after not being triggered by it. XD

Check out the elite near my seat! Some PD forumers were jealous. UNiVeRsE said “hi” to one of them, after I showed him that he said “hi” in the forum. XD

More elite players, in the press area. Mineski!

Breakfast. I didn’t finish the grapes because there were seeds in them. . . -.-

Lunch. Had about 8 mouthfuls, then hid it away to get back to the event! <3

My attempt at a cool pic. Haha.

Blurry photo… downside of having a small camera.

DOTA 2 is a serious game! PlaymatE looking at the brackets.

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