Woot! <3 Germany! It’s really nice not to be suffering from Hong Kong’s summer. I could stay here forever if the weather is always like this or perhaps a bit cooler.

Because Pandaren came along on the trip, I managed to sleep REALLY well on the plane, besides the really rude guy who sat infront of me! So I arrived rested and bubbly.

I was not too happy to have to wait over an hour for a non-smoking room, only to walk into a room that smelt of smoke… scammed… ><

After taking a much needed shower, I headed out to find the venue and wasn’t too sure where to go. Since my pass said I could only go in the next day, I decided to go buy fruits at a supermarket! Yes, I love my fruits! Maybe that’s why I sometimes go completely bananas! HAHA.

When I came back and popped online, toyz, MiTH-Trust’s Manager, told me that they were at the venue trying out the computers. He requested for a big bottle of water, so I headed to a gas station, bought a 1.5L bottle of water and lugged this with me only to find out that they had left! Maybe I walk way too slowly. Chawy, from Scythe, was more tthan happy to snap it up, which was good because I didn’t feel like carrying it back with me!

Finally got to meet amazing Valve peeps and Tobi Wan Kenobi! It’s funny how you can know someone for so long without actually meeting them in person!

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  1. Makoto Itou

    hahaha sleep like really ridiculously then! just like spread all out on the 2 beds, dump your bags clothes everywhere! 😀


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