FORGOT MY ADAPTOR, so walked back to the hotel to get it because the stores at the venue were still closed and I wasn’t sure if they would have one. Horrible and tiring way to start the day.

Despite my lapse in memory, I quickly forgot about it as the teams started to trickle in. It was awesome to see some old friends and finally get to meet old friends that I never met in real life before. What really caught me off guard was how shy I suddenly felt when it came to meeting the teams I haven’t really had contact with before. “Shy” is usually the least likely adjective someone would use to describe me.

Apparently over 2 MILLION people watched the streams on Day 1. Look what message I got at one point! I was listening to the English stream because the commentary was in German on Day 1.

I was so excited about everything that I barely cared to eat much, even at the official opening party! Though, I can’t say it was the same for the gamers! Hehe.

It was quite a productive day and I even managed to sneak in two interviews, since there were not huge crowds obstructing me and had one over dinner. ^_^

View more pics in my Day 1 Album.


First games of the day! Three games going on simultaneously!

Who knew that play DOTA 2 would make people so thirsty! @.o

Was awesome to end the gaming part of the day with a pretty rainbow! :O

Had a few mouthfuls of salad. I wasn’t hungry at all!

Also had no interest in waiting in a super long line for the BBQ… when I could spend the time interviewing someone. =O

But this long line, that actually goes around the corner, around a few tables and spills outside did not stop Sharky from MUFC…


Strategy? Try to get the other team drunk and have hangovers tomorrow? Nah. Just friendly drinks between MiTH-Trust and MUFC. These teams trained a lot against each other.

I think they might have been trying to make me feel at home…like I would be on Hong Kong’s public transport during rush hour. Hehe.

Getting up close and personal! =O

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  1. Makoto Itou

    hong kong’s rush hours really make you squishy like a lion would ulti a cm!

  2. dpmlicious

    Well, at least this was better than being squished in HK public transport! Being around awesome DotA players and chatting is always going to be fun!


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