With no WCG Asian Championship to dazzle DotA fans, the Rapture Gaming Network has come up with the TGX Regional DotA Tournament 2011. Along side WCG SG, it will be held at the Singapore EXPO from September 10-11.

Participating Teams
Seven countries will be represented. Singapore will have two teams, the privilege of the host country.
  • India: (Qualifier Aug 25-28)
  • Indonesia: Digi Ulimate
  • Malaysia: MUFC
  • Philippines: Mineski Infinity
  • Singapore: AEON and GGHT
  • Thailand: (Final on Aug 27)
  • Vietnam: StarsBoba
MiTH-Trust would really like to join, but are not allowed to join in the final stage of the Thailand qualifier. I have made a Facebook Page to gather support for them, so that RGN can consider the support. I will write about it in more detail soon.

Tournament Format
There will be two stages: (1) Bo1 Round Robin Group Stage with 2 groups and (2) Single Elimination Stage.

  • 1st: SGD 3,000 Cash + Razer Imperator, Lycosa, Goliathus, Messenger Bag, Keyboard Bag, Beanie
  • 2nd: SGD 2,000 Cash + Razer Goliathus, Messenger Bag, Keyboard Bag
  • 3rd: SGD 1,000 Cash + Razer Messenger Bag

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  1. FieNd

    a little corection in indonesian team name, it not “Digi Ulimate” but “Digi Ultimate”
    but overall, nice post 😀


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