Five of Singapore’s top DotA players are coming together to form an all-star team. ToFu, iceiceice, d4rkn3s5, Alanter and MyWishIsToDie will bring serious competition to both online and offline tournaments. Dpmlicious is proud to be their Official Media Partner.

Their goal is to represent Singapore in international competitions and snatch the top medals. In particular, they are aiming to win SMM, since weย all know that China has had a dominating streak the last few years. Check out my interview with ToFu, their team captain.

They are currently looking for a sponsor. Anyone interested can contact them at If I were a sponsor, this would definitely be an excellent team to invest in.

Team World Pwnage (Left to Right): d4rkn3s5, iceiceice, ToFu, Alanter and MyWishIsToDie

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