Positive energy is a great thing that multiplies and spreads. One smile can generate tons of grins throughout the day. Although I’m not perfect, I try my best to emit positive energy so that more people can have a better day. This is one of the biggest reasons why I run giveaways out of my own pocket. (And, no. I am not rich. ><) Most of the time I want to bring a piece of the action to you or just to show my appreciation to people.

Some may question why I don’t simply donate everything to charity. Yes, charity is important but there is a time and place for everything. Donating money might be a one off thing, but I wish to make a bigger difference. The way I see it, charitable people probably already donate their time or money to help causes. But by living a positive life, making a difference in many areas of life, can others be informed and, hopefully, inspired. So, having fun giveaways in gaming makes a lot of sense. XD

If you’re wondering what the picture is about, I bought a bunch of 75% Battle Bonus Tools (3 Days) to giveaway. It was the most popular item in a poll I had over a week ago. (Oops! I just checked it again now and more people voted and it seems equipment is more popular. ROFL!)

I haven’t decided how I’ll give them away. All I know is that I want to give them in a fun way. Don’t worry, I am NOT like one of those countless companies/people trying to leverage a giveaway for self-promotion, asking for likes and shares. Well, I need to wait until August 12 because they are untradable for now.

I guess my Dota 2 working again (*crosses fingers and hopes it continues to work*) and attending The International are two very big things that make me all bubbly inside. ^_^

I sincerely hope that anyone who has the ability to donate the amount they receive helps spread the joy, by giving or donating. But, if they can’t it’s cool. =)

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  1. Desmond Tham

    hmm let see…the suggestion of giving method would be as simple as posting an In-Game Screenshot…which shows joyful / positive energy within..at which the text/message tht appear in the screenshot play a crucial part. However, the scene of the screenshot may play the talking role. EG. : Ur team mate drop a Potion for you to heal. [It certainly is a positive attitude ] 🙂

    I had posted the same in fb 🙂

  2. Monir

    I would love to win that you don’t know how much happier ill be if i do. 😛


    You’re so nice Miss Dpm…hope to be one of the lucky one..
    keep it up…


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