Three prizes in the first two days given to my stream viewers. I was going to give more but fell ill Sunday night.

Congratulations to the first three winners of my mega giveaway!

Tide Hunter Excavator’s Treature – Timahkin
Dota 2 Logo Keychain – Jeesports_zicomo
Twitch Pack – Oiskiton

Not sure where Timahkin lives, but sending stuff to India and Canada! Yup, this is a worldwide giveaway! I appreciate the support and feedback from everyone, whether you live on the other side of the earth!

All winners were selected from people on my Twitch TV stream. Two given via random draw and one to Jeesports_zicomo because he knew GoDz’s real name, David Parker.

Don’t worry, not all prizes will be given via my stream. Stay tuned for MORE from me. And.. there are TONS more that will be given! =D

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