Australia, Canada, India, Germany, the Philippines, Singapore and the USA are where the eight physical prizes I mailed yesterday are heading. I forgot the one for New Zealand at home and I will mail that out today. This is all part of my three-month giveaway worth over USD 1,000.

It might take anywhere from 14 – 70 days to reach you according to the post office. I sent it via normal mail, so that I can send out more stuff. Patience is awesome. I won’t be able to answer you if you ask me where it is because normal mail is not tracked and I would have no idea. =)

If you actually have enough means to have bought it yourself, I would be grateful if you make a donation to any awesome charity. <3

Here are the prizes I already sent out!

Dota 2 Logo Keychain: Jeesports_zicomo
Twitch Pack: Oiskiton, coastz, Chrismalolos
Dota 2 String Bag: Red0rc
Dota 2 Logo Pin: Speakas
Drow T-Shirt: Xenowar
Frull T-Shirt: Hkgxsamus

Mailing out today: Twitch Pack for Glet_qq

If you want to win a prize or be lucky and get one randomly, there are tons more to come. A current one can be found on my Facebook.

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