Congratulations to Alex Bray for winning the online draw! The other two accounts are ineligible. Instead, I will finish reading the comments and select two of the best ones to give the other two beta keys for that day!

It was really nice to see what people, both Filipinos and non-Filipinos had to say.

Mini IceFrog with the crowd @ PGF 2011!

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  1. sss

    Since this first time I heard about DotA2, I really interest and wait for international competition to see the game play. As I see, I was charmed and have been waiting for a beta key for so long. I always seeking for a key from websites, contests, facebook as much as I could by the hope that I could try this game. Unfortunately, there is no luck for me. so I came to try this event in order to increase my chance even a little bit. I hope i will got it soon. please give it to me T_T


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