Pandaren insisted to come along to Germany! Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. Actually, I can’t sleep without him, so I decided that he has to come along. The security check at the Hong Kong airport laughed at me! HAHA!

There was a really rude man sitting infront of me! He never adjusted his chair to the upright position when food and drinks were served. The flight attendants would always help me ask him. Then, he kept making sudden movements that made my water spill on top of me. GRR!

Besides the rude guy, everything was awesome. I slept like a baby with Pandaren in my arms. I even made a new friend. A student from Hong Kong going on exchange to Sweden.

Enjoy the silly Pandaren pics!

My other baby! Pandaren helps me sleep. My laptop entertains me! Was awake on the connecting flight. ^_^

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  1. Makoto Itou

    hahaha you love Pandaren so much! and im glad Pandaren is loved by people other than you too~
    gosh im loving your laptop >.<

  2. dpmlicious

    @ Benz. Thanks!
    @ Makoto. Pandaren says “hi!” *waves* And yes… my laptop is sexy.. OMG! I forgot to resize it! OOPS!
    @ Eonox. Hahaha. Pandaren >< and yes. Went to Gamescom! 😀


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