Why you should NOT spam/beg for a beta key

1. It prevents people with something to say (besides beta keys) from reaching me.
Same applies to other sites/forums/pages.

2. It prevents you from getting a beta key.
In some cases, it will make you ineligible because I will note that you are spamming me and not give you one, even though I might have if you didn’t spam. (This has happened.)

3. Your post will be deleted/ignored anyway.

4. You might get banned/blocked.
In order to try to improve the experience for others, as well as myself, on my page, I might have to do this, though I would rather not.

Please stop spamming and begging for beta keys. Be patient and see if you are lucky or want to join in any mini contests. Patience and respect are two very important life skills that I encourage. Therefore, I will be taking a harder stance on spam. Also, for the sake of people who want to say something besides ask for a key.

I am not giving keys because I want people to flock here or like my various pages. I believe that people should like/follow only if interested in what I actually do or am trying to achieve. The main reason why I decided I should give keys is because I wanted to make sure that the deserving people I know have them. Then, after that to help passionate people get a chance to get one. It was supposed to be a simple way of giving to the community.

However, it is becoming counter-productive to what I want to do. Many might think that it’s cool to be able to give away beta keys, but it’s actually not as fun as it seems. You get verbally abused and have a responsibility to make sure they don’t end up with someone who is just going to sell it. I have seen beta keys make people argue, including someone who I thought was my friend. People are spamming me and it’s using up my time to actually get bigger things done. After much thought, I will continue to do what I can, but I hope the situation improves.

I am so happy that many people love DotA and want to play DOTA 2. I really look forward to the day that our entire community is combined and playing the same game with awesome new features. I really appreciate your patience and understanding. I hope that all of you will get your beta keys soon.

Thank you for spending the time to read this.

Please don’t make me go nuts and MIA with spam. ^_^ Otherwise, you might end up seeing these posters around. @_@

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  1. Elvin Lee

    pity dpmlicious~haizz..although i don’t have a key for dota 2 but i never ask a key from her..the faith will come guys..just wait for it..

  2. Goran

    I completely agree with the above, anyway I got my doubts about people listening (or even reading the full text) to this. The issue is that most people are just a bunch of ignorant bastards (I know that I’m sounding a bit harsh, but its reality) with the (egoistic) view that they and only they are eligible to get a key and have their share of fun (mostly while denying the fun to others).

    So my note to the ones still needing a key: GET TOGETHER. You got some friends, right? Some of them probably have a Dota2 account, or know someone who does. Ask to play a bit (actually, my friend shares his steam acc with 6 of us, were taking turns, and everyone is happy), be patient, also try to enter various contests on other sites aswell, you never know when you will get lucky.

    The reason I’m writing this whole bunch of text is: dpmlicious has done more for the community (in terms of enabling people to try the game), she has given away more keys than any other Dota2 site/portal I know of (which often made me wonder “where the hell does she get them”), so people please try to respect that, and once again, be patient.

    Best regards 😉

  3. Ramon

    Good job DPM. This is so boring every post 10 + peoples asking for keys,even in posts that isnt givving keys !

  4. razdb

    pinoy ka po? it’s been ages since i’ve waited for DOTA2,and this is the first time i’ve join a mini contest for a beta key. Thankyou for giving us the chance to expirience DOTA2. 🙂

  5. jojo

    love dota and cant wait to play 2 but it seams every mini mini contests or forum has no offers for my country wish they would include every 1 sigh any way love what u doing keep it up


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