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For those who don’t know what Diretide is, it is a special event in Dota 2 that ends on Nov 12. Dota Cinema has a complete guide on it, though some things have changed (i.e. you can add unusuals to Dreaded Eggs). My goal is to get all eggs, each with three unusual essences!

My all time favourite items in Dota 2 are my couriers. I have always been a support played and love it, but Valve certainly is making it even more fun. I gave up on trying to get a Golden Baby Roshan. My record for that is 4s+. I only have been able to play a bit more this weekend, as I missed several days while on a business trip.

The great news is that I now have a rainbow. I now need:

  • 1 Dreaded Egg (Black)
  • 23 Unusual Essences
  • 1 Golden Baby Roshan (Hopefully will randomly drop out of the sky or in my backpack!)

If you have any spare unusual essences, a shadow essence or a spare Golden Baby Roshan (that for some reason you want to give instead of sell/trade), feel free to drop by my dpmlicious Steam chat group. You can all also go there to trade with each other. I might be AFK at times.

I would like to thank the following people. They didn’t want anything and I didn’t know what they wanted, so I traded some items that were definitely below the market value of the gifts. You guys rock!

  • Hide – For tons of common essences and an extra egg.
  • Akriloth – For the Voracious Egg (Orange) with THREE unusual essences!
  • Groov – For the three last common essences I needed to complete my rainbow.
  • Zicomo – For the Baby Roshan!

My overall experience of this seasonal event is awesome because of the eggs that will hatch into couriers. I am not too interested in the drops that everyone gets when they play it, mostly because few heroes I play have cosmetics. As with almost everything in the world, there is room for improvement. I believe Valve is all ears and want your feedback too, so please do drop them a line via email or the Official Dota 2 Beta Forum. My thoughts:

  • Untradable Golden Baby Roshans for better distribution
  • Would be fewer dropped games because no one will be farming to cooperate
  • Would be better if special drops were from competitive play than cooperative
  • More information about the mode and eggs provided by Valve, instead of various different sources.

<3 Happy Diretide for the remaining days! <3 Btw, I think I’ve forgotten how to play regular Dota 2! XD

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