Congratulations to the 10 winners of the Mini IceFrog @ PGF Contest Winners. DOTA 2 beta keys. Each key has TWO invites for your friends.

Everyone had a chance to write what Mini IceFrog would say/think in this picture

In no particular order:

William Wong “Why am I looking in this direction?”

Josh Glaser-Keating “Where is my PC?!?”

Mario Mroz “Wish I had fingers to play with them”

Parames Limtrakul I’m tired of smiling.

Eric Mychal Lim “I need a new pose”

Marc Chester Chua *smiles* “I wonder if it’s my turn to play soon~”

Jesse Sellars “All this hype just for me!?”

Gus Francis Alvero “Now this is what I call DotA heaven! ♥”

Paulo De Santos “Doesn’t get any better than this!”

Summer Chahn “This is where Heroes are born.”

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