Meet Eliza (a.k.a. msjovial) and Alicia (a.k.a aalliicciiaa), my friends who happen to play DotA. Eliza was formerly in PMS Asterisk. Alicia is well known in Singapore DotA Room 4. These two girls are more fierce than me. They have no trouble playing against full teams, even though they only have four random pubs on their side. They might have sweet faces but they’re ruthless when it comes to DotA.

Before I head back to Hong Kong, we decided to chill! This is a sneak peak into a series of video interviews I had with them on DotA, their careers and love!

Eliza (msjovial), Alicia (aalliicciiaa) and ME!

We started our day, or shall I say late afternoon (5pm), at Starbucks. We just wanted to chat. Eliza eagerly offered to give us manicures! Yes, AT STARBUCKS! o.O

I guess there is no stopping beauty! Manicure at Starbucks! o.O (Left to right: Alicia and Eliza)

We then headed up into Plaza Singapura for dinner at Ichiban Sushi. We weren’t really that hungry, despite Eliza and I forgetting to eat lunch.

OMG! *drools*

It took us quite a bit of time to decide what to eat because almost everything looked delicious.

Yay! My food is here!

My Saba fish was juicy and sweet to my liking. It is the best Saba fish I have had in Singapore! Normally, it’s too dry. I even went back the next day with my other friend to share another Saba fish. *nomnomnom*

Mmmmmm. I just LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE this Saba fish!

The portions were huge, the Saba fish is enough for two people! After stuffing ourselves silly, we did a bit of shopping. Then, we tried to find a good location for the interview.

There will be background noise of passing cars. I also lost my mini-stand, so I had to hold my camera, so it won’t look like something from television. I’m going to give it a go and try to make it look good. Stay tunned for the interview clips!

Here is a pic we took afterwards! Check out more photos uploaded to my dpmlicious Facebook album!

Channeling their inner flamingo!

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  1. th3zion

    if only i can play dota against you girls 😀 it will be like a dream come true jejeje,i’m from venezuela (imagine that delay), good luck and take care!!


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