Team World Pwnage might be a new, but their members certainly aren’t. Team Captain, ToFu, joint forces with d4rkn3s5, iceiceice, Alanter and WishIsToDie. Here is an exclusive short interview with ToFu, team captain of Team World Pwnage. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them here.

dpmlicious:  Why did you, iceiceice and d4rkn3s5 decide to leave Scythe?

ToFu: Scythe didn’t want us anymore due to the departure of iceiceice and hyhy, so we decided to form our own team.

Team World Pwnage (Left to Right): d4rkn3s5, iceiceice, ToFu, Alanter and WishIsToDie

dpmlicious:  How did you form the team? Did you approach the other players or did they approach you? Why did you choose them?

ToFu: I decided to take in people that would trust my leadership, so most of them are my old teammates. Alanter was my old teammate in XtC in 2008. He has great ideas and one of the best engagers. d4rkn3s5 is a very experienced carry player and has been my teammate for several occasions already. Iceiceice, need i say more? This guy is the most imbalanced player in the DotA scene just that he hasn’t been very serious about DotA. However, he has told me that he intends to start getting serious in the game. MyWishIsToDie is a competitive player in the Singapore scene and I see a lot of potential in him. I believe that this mixture of players will be able to achieve great things, given some time.

dpmlicious: Which roles will each player take or will it be on rotation?

ToFu: Alanter will be our main supporter, engager and ganker. Limyang and I will be either support, ganking or carrying. d4rkn3s5 will usually be a carry and for a very few occasions support and ganker. iceiceice will play whatever he excels in, namely carry. My plan is to have an all rounder line-up, so if there should be anybody who leaves the team in the future, the other four of us can fill up for any role.

dpmlicious: Which upcoming tournaments have you joined or plan to join?

ToFu: Whichever, whenever. Right now iceiceice still has one more month in army before he can come out and play with us, so we are training without him for the time being. Once he is out we are aiming to achieve big things. But first, we need a sponsor who can financially aid us to take part in overseas competitions!

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  1. S0uvenir

    congratulations, I hope everything goes well guys.
    from my country Venezuela you expect to see news about you.



  2. teo yong quan

    why no hy ? this where got all star team .the most impt player is not even there (hyhy)

  3. Filbert Julian

    a have a request . .can u tell me about ur hero team favorite @tourney ?


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