DOTA 2 beta keys now also have TWO DOTA 2 Gifts that you can send to friends, so that they can play with you. Here is how to invite them:

1. Log into your Steam account.

2. Open the Steam window.
You can right click the Steam icon and select any of the following: Store, Community, Library, News.

3. Select “Games” and “Manage Gifts and Guest Passes”.

4. Select one of your DOTA 2 gifts and press “Send”.

5. Pick if you want to send it via Email or through Steam.

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  1. spamm

    anyone who wanna spare some gift there i just wanna try DOTA2 im tired of playing LoL and HoN hope you can gimme some :]

  2. Jim

    hi thanks for your job
    please send beta key to me
    in need it


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