Congratulations if you are able to read this! We often take the skills and opportunities we have for granted. Let us celebrate what we have and what we can achieve by supporting the Game-To-Read Hour.

GTR Hour aims to encourage reading among gamers, who quite often are overly engrossed in their various games or don’t even know the background story of the games they play. It is jointly organised by NLB (National Library Board Singapore), IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore) and SCOGA (Cybersports & Online Gaming Association Singapore).

Garena supports the GTR Hour and will be sending me down to read this weekend. Join us online on Sunday, 18 July at 2-3pm (+8GMT). Join the GTR Hour Facebook Page for the latests updates, contests and the live stream news!

GTR Hour Worldwide Times

USA – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle (PDT GMT -7)
Saturday, 17 July – 11pm to 12mn

EUROPE – Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen (CET GMT +1)
Sunday, 18 July – 8am to 9am

SOUTH AMERICA – Brazil, Argentina (GMT -3)
Sunday, 18 July – 3am to 4am

ASIA – Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia (GMT +8)
Sunday, 18 July – 2pm to 3pm

Click here for other time zones.

The Fun Stuff

Check out my profile and selected readings on my GTR Gamer Profile! Here are the other pics we took!

RAWR! Going to blast you away!

Going to shoot you spammers down!

The Serious Facts

Literacy is an important skill for education. While not all cultures require individuals to know how to read to accomplish great feats, it is hard to go far without reading and education. Knowledge empowers people to take more steps and improve their lives. This is why basic education is a worldwide goal. With more education and reading, perhaps these figures could be improved:

  • Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their name.1
  • There are 860 million illiterate adults and children in the world. 2
  • 104 million children ages 5 to 12 do not attend school.3
  • 150 million children leave school illiterate.3

More often than not, the children of these people get stuck in a poverty cycle. Children who are raised in poverty have fewer opportunities to move out of poverty. There are 2.2billion children worldwide, with 1billion in poverty.4 This is why we see these figures:

  • Almost half the world (over three billion people) live on less than USD 2.5 (SGD 3.4) a day.5
  • At least 50% of humanity lives on less than USD 10 (SGD 13.7) a day.5
  • 24,000 children under 5-years-old die each day due to poverty.6

While spending an hour with GTR doesn’t instantly help save a life, it helps support reading and education. Although GTR only requests for a one-hour pledge per year, I urge everyone to aim higher. Join me in pledging 1 hour/week or more of your time to reading. Reply to this post with how many hours you pledge per week!

1. The State of the World’s Children 1999, UNICEF
2. Stop Child Poverty > Education
3. Stop Child Poverty > Literacy Day
4. State of the World’s Children 2005, UNICEF
5. Shaohua Chen and Martin Ravallion, ‘The developing world is poorer than we thought, but no less successful in the fight against poverty’, World Bank, August 2008
6. State of the World’s Children 2010, UNICEF, p.18-19.

28 Responses

  1. pika

    I pledge to read at least one hour every day. That’s only 1/24th of my day!

  2. anc!lary

    i will read more than 7 hrs per week for sure

    how r u now?

  3. Odil3

    i read more than 10 hrs/week
    this is my final year for graduation

  4. dpmlicious

    @pika & kmtd-x. Great!
    @anc!lary. Is that because of your studies?
    @Odil3. Does that include some leisure reading? 😀
    @Kryzan1989. You didn’t pledge any time! :p
    @M. Sure, I’ll be posting up the profiles of the other gamers. I will ask her if I can interview her at a later stage. Let’s see if she says yes! =)

  5. Dancing_Fiend

    haha i love readying especially poems i pledge to read 16 hours a week!

  6. Andria Sutten

    Thanks for the great read, even though it did take quite a long time to understand. (English is not my native language) Can I ask where you got your information from? Thanks!

  7. dpmlicious

    @ HxS. Thanks! How many hours are you going to pledge? =)
    @ Dancing_Fiend. That’s great. What’s your favourite one?
    @ superquark. What are you reading now?
    @ Andria Sutten. Thanks a lot. Nice to know you read it though it’s in English. My sources are at the end of the post. There are links to where you can read more about it.

  8. Phil_po

    miss? can i ask where are the things we need to read? is it now on your blog?.. and can you please pm me on my, about this.. i realy like to read facts anything under the sun… just useful one..^^.. and i sugest? if you want the most gamers to read… write about games they play..^^, thats interesting..^^ 🙂

  9. dpmlicious

    @ Phil_po. Nice suggestion. For this event, Garena has started writing a book based on BlackShot, our FPS game. What things do you like to read? I could suggest a few things. 😀

  10. Moises Pineiro

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