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Here are the highlights of the latest patch! * Gondar Added * Spectator numbers broadcasted to players in-game * “Watch Game” option to watch a game your friend is watching OR a game in the practice lobby with “allows spectators” on. You can check out the complete Change Log for all of the updates. I like how patch updates are slowly implementing the things I wish they had. What do you think of these updates? Has anyone tried Gondar?


In celebration of his release (though I probably won’t use him), let’s get more people playing this game!  I will be pasting some beta key codes here today! I will post the codes with spaces inbetweDon’t worry, I will let you know when I’ve stopped. These ones should still have two invites for your friends (but might not). I’m uncertain, so do check. The instructions for downloading the game and inviting friends are here. The numbers before the keys indicate the approximate time when I make the picture at +8GMT. The time might be much earlier than when I actually post it, possibly due to loading issues.

(BREAK! I haven’t eaten since I woke up about three hours ago. OOPS! Probably be back about 1-1.5hours later.)

This event is over. ^_^

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  1. blooddynasty

    omg Thanks you so much, can you post more keys, I didn’t get that 🙁 Thank you from Perú 😀

  2. Steam - JellyRecon

    Im listening to the Dota 2 Trailer over and over to help motivate my fingers in hopes of gaining a key.

  3. Steam-JellyRecon

    I’m listening to the Dota 2 Trailer in the background to help motivate my fingers into hopefully getting a key. If you have a guest pass and don’t have a use for it please be kind and give it to me.

  4. Raynor

    Ohh… there is so fast people. Few more please i beg u 🙂
    We were contesting bpm for 1st place on O.K. site. If you can remember. 🙂

  5. Rylie

    To those who receive betakey, will you please gift me? Thanks 🙂


  6. JayCee Devera

    is someone here have a invite? can you invite me i really wanna play dota 2 . it’s the biggest gift for christmas for the goodones there please 😐


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