Want to win this Dota 2 Axe T-Shirt (Large)? Well, you’re in luck! I have one for the winner of this contest on my Facebook page. This contest is themed around a picture of GodZ, caster, team manager and retired pro gamer. His upcoming activities include visiting the Pinoy Gaming Festival, casting G-1 and the GEST All-Star Tournament.

Who can join?
Anyone who I can mail the prize to! Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’ve already won something from me before.

How to join
Think of a meme phrase that goes along with the photo below and post it as a comment to my Facebook page event pic. What is a meme? Google/Wikipedia is your friend! Deadline: 14 October 2012 (Sunday, +8GMT)

This is the pic for the meme phrase. Remember to enter on my Facebook page and not here. =)

How is the winner picked?
I will select my favourite ones and ask GodZ, the man himself, to pick the final winner! Winner announced on 21 October 2012.

Good luck and have LOTS of fun and laughter with this one.

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