Congratulations to the ten people who won a G-League Dota TV ticket from me. =) I gave them all on the same day of the Grand Final. As an official announcement of those people, here are there Steam URL IDs. I hope that you enjoyed watching in-game and having easy access to the replays.

For those interested in my personal experience of this giveaway, my intention was to randomly make some people’s days as well as strengthen friendships through their sharing of the prize. I was hoping that such an action could lead to another positive action to another stranger. I always hope that people will donate time and/or money to charity if they are lucky. Honestly, I expect the majority not to know or even care about my goals. I am hoping that it made this kind of impact to at least one person.
My biggest disappointment was when someone blatantly joined with the intention of selling the prize. While I am glad it brought happiness in a certain way, the chance of watching great plays in-game was taken away from someone who would not have gotten that access in another way. In hindsight, if I want to make sure that I can help this particular group of people, I should use a different method of entry and selection. Also, I definitely should try to think of things well beforehand rather than on the day itself. =)

Here is to more events! ^_^



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