As announced, PMS* has added in two new members into their family, Yvonne “PMS | Vonvon_*” Yong and Huizhen “PMS | Chewy*” Tan. With this news, many of us have questions running through our heads. I caught Dawn “=pinksheep*” Yang on MSN Messenger yesterday to help clear our heads. It seems that they have a carefully thoughtout plan and I look forward to seeing their new photos!

How many applicants were there and how did they find out about the auditions?
There were nine girls and they heard the news through our blog, Facebook, Garena and some through their friends.

What criteria were used to assess the applicants?
Their attitude towards gaming was what’s most important for us. Other things like gameplay, basics (farm/deny), positioning were also looked at.

It has been speculated that you and Tammy might be retiring from playing to managing. How close is this to the truth?
One reason why we’re having this audition is to groom the next generation of girls. But as to when we’ll properly step down to manage DotA instead of playing depends on how ready the next gen is. I think that no matter what we’ll still be playing. If not DotA, then other games. For Tammy, I’d say she will continue in the competitive scene. She’s been trying out StarCraft 2. For me, I’m bent on playing Diablo 3. So, if there’s a competitive aspect, then that’d be great.

How will you manage your training with seven girls?
Rotation. We’re assessing what roles are suitable for the new girls and then rotating main members out to fit them in for more experience in play. They’re not very experienced in draft games yet. We also plan for the girls not playing to observe the game.

How will you decide which players to use during competitions?
The main five will be playing. Like I said, they’re the next gen and will be substitute players for now. So, unless one of us are unable to make it down for the tournament, it will still be the main five.

When should we be expecting your new team photos?
We would like to let the girls settle in first. Once we’re sure that they are, we’ll proceed with the shoot. But it shouldn’t be next year. Probably 2-3 months from now.

Do you have any advice for girls aspiring to play competitive DotA? How will they be able to catch your attention in the next audition?
Play more draft matches, be willing to admit that you’re wrong and learn from your mistakes. That’s one step up from pub games I see a lot of girls playing now. As for catching our attention, if you have the right attitude towards learning and teamwork and possess good skills, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t notice you.

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