I, dpm, will be at the Pinoy Gaming Festival 2011, organised by Mineski, to finally experience the vibrant Dota scene in the Philippines! I am very excited to meet very passionate and talented gamers. I am going to bring some Dota cheer to the Philippines and everyone who will be watching. Stay tuned for news on what I’ll be doing there from October 28-30! ^_^

The Philippines is often underestimated in the DotA scene. Many people told me that they were surprised at their great performance at TGX. One thing that everyone must consider are the delay issues that various Asian teams face that affects their performance in various online competitions. Another huge issue is that many Asian teams have trouble getting visas or passports quickly.

Me (dpm) with Mineski Infinity! (I can't wait to see them again! ^_^)

I really look forward to the other elements of PGF 2011. There will be a planking contest! I’m also trying to convince the two Mineski teams and all of the wonderful Mineski staff to perform a flash mob dance!… but, I don’t think that idea is going to fly! LOL

The last time I visited the Philippines was in 2003! I lived there from 1996 – 2001 and can’t wait to see what has changed. One thing I’m quite certain hasn’t changed is the warm and friendly energy that will greet me there.

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  2. keviebear

    yeah my name is kevin im a Filipino player i dont get why our talent in asia (pinoys,chinese,etc) were great players and most of us dota is our like and soul its who we are and no longer just a game

  3. dpmlicious

    @ jace. Are you asking me or you mean you want to ask wootz? XD LOLZ. Kasi nasa pic siya.
    @ Frederick. Sure, join. =)
    @ Renz. Good luck.
    @ keviebear. Yes, Dota has become a uniting factor for many people that it’s not simply a game anymore. ^_^

  4. Jerric

    All Filipinos dota player are craving to get Dota 2 beta key.. Hope I get one.. =)) Welcome home Ate DPM..

  5. DeaThrash

    Thank you for giving me a great opportunity

    I live Taiwan.

    Actually,no one contest to get beta key for Taiwanese.

    But you gave me a great opportunity.



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