Dota 2 is a free-to-play action RTS game now in closed beta. You need a beta key to activate the account on Steam. Basically, it is the original DotA being made as a standalone game. There are 90 completed heroes, with 18 more to go before all of the heroes are added in.

Keys are much easier to get these days, but I still see people looking for them. Because they are readily available, I have stopped giving beta keys, so I can focus on other things.

If you want one RIGHT NOW, you can safely buy one directly from Valve on the official Dota 2 Store for USD29.99. The Dota 2 Invite comes bundled with a bunch of items.

Things to know if you are looking for a key:

  • They should be free, unless you are buying it from the Dota 2 Store
  • If you do end up buying one from someone, it is at your own risk
  • Beware of sites manipulating people into liking/following them (They might not have any)
  • Some are region-locked, which means only people in certain countries can use them

Global Sources

Asia Pacific Sources (Region-Locked Keys)

If you are confused on how to use a beta key, send an invite or have bugs with your game these links might be useful:

There are many other sources, but I cannot vouch for their validity. Good luck and have tons of fun! ^_^

2 Responses

  1. justin cramer

    i have one question if the game is supposed to b free why do we have to fill out a damn survey or sign up for something stupid to get a key IT DUMB

  2. dpmlicious

    Valve is a very well respected company. I have no doubts about its intentions or reasons. I am sure that there are many. Although I do not work for them, here are a few that I can mention. Mostly it is because they are in beta.
    * They will need to know basic information so they can release more keys to certain areas (i.e. when they have more servers for that region)
    * When they develop certain features, they might be able to release more keys to certain audiences.

    I never had to do the survey, so I do not know what is in it, but I am certain that it is only to help determine where to send them when appropriate or to collect data to the betterment of the game.

    If it really bothers you, you can simply wait for the game to be released or play something else. =)


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