Alienware Singapore DotA Elite Showcase was featured on TV! If you missed the episode of Game on ESPN Star Sports, you can catch the episode online here. It was one of the events I organised while working at Garena.

Their angle seems to be a take on what it’s like to be a professional gamer, but the reality is that those particular teams are not like some other teams that are actually paid to play. In DotA, not that many teams, particularly in Singapore are paid to play. If I were to have an inside scope on professional DotA teams, I would look into why they keep moving from team to team and how teams can successfully keep their sponsors. I also find it quite funny that the video shows the non-Alienware gear the gamers brought on their own. That aside, Mizzie is very nice and cute.

My voice is much higher than I perceive it to be. I had an awesome time shoutcasting that day! Considering the audience, I spent a lot of time explaining the basics of the game, so that no one would be lost!

Me shoutcasting with GG.yklfish standing behind me!

Who else was interviewed? Check out these snapshots and quotes.

Zilch. “We always expect new gameplay to come up every few weeks”

xiaoming. “At the beginning, it was very boring.”

Chawy. “I have a girlfriend and I study and stuff.”

Benwah. “When my friends ask me to go out, I will skip for my team.”

Linksysx-. “It’s always changing. There are always different ways of playing.”

DPMlicious is currently using an Alienware M17x!