Instead of waiting for a whole bunch of new things, IceFrog has released 6.69 for game improvements. You can download the new map at and check the complete changelog at The photos here are from the official changelog.

He’s tweaked numerous heroes and items, as well as fixed many bugs. Here are a couple of things everyone would find useful, regardless of which hero you are using:
1. The courier can now carry a gem, but there is no truesight when carried by the courier.
2. Rebalanced the assist XP & gold system
3. Added a couple of new juke spots.

Make them dizzy!

I’m heading out but will definitely check out the new map.  Thanks, IceFrog! Always remember that he would love to get your feedback on the official website or

For now, all I’ve actually seen is the new loadscreen by Kunkka. You can send your feedback to him at

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