Not only will there be reconnection support, but there will also be a substitution system. If you need to leave a game, you can get a friend with a similar skill level to replace you. You also have the option of joining ongoing games with leavers to earn extra repuation points.


1. Reconnection is a definite plus for people who actually want to join back. However, the majority of people who leave games do so on purpose, so that will need to be dealt with another way.

2. Substitution is awesome if you need to leave a game, especially if you are playing with your friends. We’ve all been there, whether it be a nagging parent about to disconnect your internet connection or a game that unexpectedly dragged on to be 90 minutes long and is making you late!

3. The joining ongoing games feature would hardly be used. Only a few people will bother to take on the challenge of redeeming what would most likely be a losing cause, when they can just play with their friends or have a higher chance of winning. For this feature to work, it is crucial for the records for joining these games to be separate from playing in regular games. One thing I know is that people are crazy about their ladder record. Having a seperate ladder, ranking those people or additional points in their main ladder score would help.

What do you think? Any ideas to make this feature better? Would anyone join ongoing games? I don’t think I would. Hehe.

(Source: Official DotA2 Blog)

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  1. DOTA-critical

    I think this feature cant be implemented in DOTA. This is only possible with high graphics and specs like HON. Second, DOTA will live through new maps.

  2. dpmlicious

    @ DOTA-crical. This is for DotA 2. It will be possible. But, you are right, DotA on wc3 will still produce maps until there is no demand.
    @ Jorel. Some time in 2011, they haven’t specified.


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