While some people love Heroes of Newerth for its flashy graphics, some DotA players fear that DotA 2 will turn out the same.

So far, there is no public beta available, so we have no idea which direction DotA 2’s graphics is heading. However, it is nice to know that IceFrog’s priority is “making sure players can quickly and easily tell what’s happening on the screen at all times”. It’s also reassuring to know that just like DotA, development of DotA 2 will be an ongoing and continuous process.

What I do hope is for users to be able to select the level of graphics, as one can do on Warcraft 3. Besides, enabling people with lower PC specs to play DotA 2, people can choose the suitable graphics level for their own preference.

Which setting would you put it on?

How vivid do you want your BloodSeeker to be?

(Reference: Official DotA 2 Blog)

8 Responses

  1. twinkle

    now loading invoker resources can lag whole game…wonder what happens when u load invoker in dota2 :/

  2. SamXxX

    I wonder what will happen to HON’s popularity if DotA is published!Btw,where can i get DotA 2?

  3. D_o-T_a,,boy

    i didn’t know that dota 2 have already been created,, look how blood seeker looks now,,,instead of some strange looking bear!.

  4. LOLplayer-DOTAmisser

    HoN has no popularity… there’s probably ten league of legends players for every HoN player. That being said I wonder if dota 2 can compete with LoL’s massive player base


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