Batch 2 – Set 1! Enjoy! ^_^ There are TWELVE sets for batch 2! Stay tuned for the next 11 days for more fan signs!

For more requests, please post which name you would like me to write on this Facebook status.

PH! <3

More <3 for the DOTA 2 community in the Philippines! ^_^

Are they over already? @_@

See, Yiyang! Made already! XD


Writing and holding this made me THAT happy! ^_^ <3 DOTA 2!

Aww! Another love message! You people are turning me into a female cupid!

Yay! I got it right this time! 😛

Bunny! My amazing friend who took all of these photos you are seeing right now!

YA! GO JOSH! Win @ ESTC! ^_^ My friend who is a pro SC2 player, based in HK.

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