More DOTA 2 themed fan signs! ^_^ I’m sorry that some of them came out blurry… but the other option was worse! ><

More fan signs coming up later tonight! 😀

Someone asked me for a "hate sign", but I just couldn't do that! 😛

More fun than I had making the fan signs! ^_^

Can't wait for the beta to be out and for you to all try it! =D

In mid sentence! "you"


Have you signed up for the beta yet?

Wannabe-IceFrog is ready!

I might have been too energetic that I came out blurry! LOL

Here it is! 😀

Also enjoy playing DotA! 😀

Also in DotA! RAWR!

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  1. dpmlicious

    Sure. Would be fun! Magpopost ako sa FB ng status asking for fan signs requests. Remind me ako when I do that. Probably will post it tomorrow or Wednesday.


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