How do you think the ladder system should be set up and which one would you play in the most?

As announced, DotA 2 will have a ladder system. Besides being a disincentive for people to leave, a ladder will also be the foundation of the match-making system. Today, I am suggesting that there be three types: (1)  Non-ladder Games (which technically, isn’t a ladder as the name suggests), (2) Casual Ladder and (3) Competitive Ladder. Next time, I will write about how I think the ladder points should be calculated.

Non-ladder System (Practice Games)
Some people prefer to play non-ranked games. Sometimes it’s because they want time to practice before being assessed and sometimes it’s for a friendly match. There will probably be more leavers and game spoilers in these games, which is why people will probably move on to playing in the casual ladder system.

Casual Ladder
The casual ladder will track the points of games played through the match-making system. Basically, it’s for those who play the game for fun, but still want quality games. I believe that most of the players will play in the casual ladder.

People should have the option to keep their records and ranking private. Obviously, many will assume that it is because their record is not that great and it’s up to them if they want to play with that person.

DotA is commonly played as a 5v5 game, but can be played 4v4, 3v3, 2v2 and 1v1. There are sometimes various competitions for these different categories. I don’t know how many people play games with less than ten people, but it’s usually done in a very casual in-house setting, which is probably more suitable for the non-ladder system. Personally, I would prefer for the ladder to be 5v5, so that there are more players concurrently in the system for match-making. However, I do think it shouldn’t massively affect the 5v5 match-making, even if there are other categories, since so many people play DotA.

A bit of ladder humour, since there aren’t many generic esports/DotA pics out there.

Competitive Ladder
Teams who will want to play more serious games in captain’s mode (-cm) should also have a system to rank their games. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a competitive 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 ladder because these categories aren’t taken that seriously. Big competitions use the 5v5 format.

Ranking would help teams find a team for the type of game they want, easy, moderate or challenging. It also acts as a disincentive for leavers, which also happens in these games. It is also another measure potential sponsors can consider.

There should be an option to use a match-making system for -cm games. It would be great if the teams could select a point range for their opponents, since many teams are fine with taking on significantly more talented opponents. This will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to find an opponent by spamming a channel or trying to find someone to play against on msn.

However, it is also important for games that do not use the match-making system to also be ranked if they are competitive games. This allows top competitive teams to immediately start their training between each other, if they have already scheduled it.

Competitive players should have the option of keeping the drafting decisions public or private, since this is valuable information for their opponents.

So, do you have anything you would like to add to my DotA 2 dream of the ladder systems?

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  1. Jason

    A website called dotametrics (Google it you will find it) published something related to the ladder or ranking system in DOTA 2. It turns out that about 83% of players fall into the bottom rung, or I guess you could call this the casual gamer category. The mid-level category had 13% and the high level only 3%. Goes to show you that MOST people who play DOTA 2 are lumped together, with only a VERY few people actually being very good at the game. Not that it matters because it is still good damn fun to play 🙂

  2. dpmlicious

    Wow. I totally forgot about this post. XD Since it was from two years ago. I think that article states it’s based on speculation. By casual and competitive, I think different modes should have it’s own MMR calculated.


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