Since yesterday evening, my Dota 2 suddenly started working. It currently only works consistently on my secondary connection but only via wifi. This means I can play with some delay on servers further away.

Stream won’t be up until I can get it to work on my main connection. ><

Here is a glimpse at the heroes in some games I played. Looks like a TA fest! First four are great ownage ones and the last one was a ridiculously long but close game. Although the other team kept on getting Roshan, our team had good coordination. With Windrunner and Keeper of the Light, we were able to hold our ground and engage on our own terms. My great ward placement and nifty sentries wards for that pesky Templar Assassin came in handy too.

Here is a game where three remaining people managed to wipe out the team (I died though. XD) GodZ had to go cast a game and a pub left. One thing I like about Dota 2 is that the tide can turn many times. Patience, timing and strategy are really important. So, even though a game looks or feels hopeless, do try. I find saying gg and then arguing doesn’t really help. =P

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