Out of curiosity, I wondered what I would be like as a DOTA 2 hero. People came up with some pretty fun entries. I was surprised that people also put in the specifications for each level. That showed a lot of effort, but wasn’t a requirement. A few were horribly sexist though! Hmp! \_/

Unfortunately, there can only be three winners. Congratulations to

I found another five people’s work quite amusing, so I’d love to send you a Razer keychain if you want it. It’s a far cry from the elusive DOTA 2 beta key, but I figure that some people might want one. It’s a great gift made possible by the organiser of the Pinoy Gaming Festival, Mineski, and mailing by me.

The following three people had nice entries:
  • Ste Cull
  • Adam Wilson
  • Nikhil Kurnool

I think the next two people deserve special mentions
  • Joseph Fresnido – For joining just for the sake of the topic.
  • MohammadNur Macalimpao – For reflecting a lot about me in his entry.

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