So, you just got a beta key but have no idea how to use it? These links will be useful:

  1. How to Download DOTA 2
  2. How to invite TWO friends
  3. Need Help? Found Bugs? – Official Dota 2 Beta Forum

Two step-by-step guides and the forum to seek for help with bugs. Enjoy and see you in-game soon!



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  1. jedcarlo

    Maam… Can you give me Some beta keys?
    i need beta keys… i very very want to have my dota2 in my PC .. i hope that can you give me some…
    please….. Pinoy pa rin to maam..
    sana po …. paki send na lang po sa email ko… sana po mapagbigyan nyo ako….

  2. Jeric Ramos

    Thank you so much for the beta key. I hope it works and I hope I can download DotA 2 without any problems. Again, thank you.

  3. yeldiR

    and how do i activate the game if i bought the invitation item via steam? i dont have any key to use there… i just have the item in my inventory and can’t use it

  4. HELP!

    HELP! please!
    I’m trying to find the Ranked queue button on dota 2 but where is it?
    I just can’t find it!

    Please help me! Any information works!

  5. dpmlicious

    Dota 2 does not have a visible ranking system that shows you your MM ranking or place you in a league. It just keeps track of your games and data, but you won’t know your rank.


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