Being nice pays off. I encourage people to be genuine and kind. Not only is it good for our community but for your health and life.

In the midst of people asking for items or asking if they could get an item for one chest they won’t use anyway, there have always been kind friends who gladly give me the chests they delete or won’t use anyway. I thought it was about time I randomly give back. It is not meant to be as an incentive to give me chests in the future, but purely a reward for the generosity displayed this time.

For those wondering, I do not need any chests at the moment. In the future, new treasure chest donations are welcome, but please don’t do it because you are expecting something back. Only do it if you really don’t need or won’t use them. ๐Ÿ™‚

For those wondering why I needed so many chests, I like to open them to get things to giveaway in raffles and mini events.ย Getting a chance to get a cute courier, is simply a bonus because it’s honestly cheaper to just trade for those directly.

Below are the 29 winners of the 43 prizes. Eight of them were given to viewers of the live draw on my stream.

Hope these items have found happy homes. ^_^

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