Ever feel annoyed about a product or service? Ever feel irritated at substandard customer assistance? Frustrated at long waiting times? These are all understandable emotions. I’ve had my share of horrible service and customer service. But, it is uncool to lash out at people because of your negative emotions even though you’ve been through this well-known scenario.

Today, as some other days, I had to deal with very rude people. It happens to people who need to deal with the general public, so I’ve gotten used to it. I am not a customer service representative who deals with complaints and provides assistance, but I do direct people to this service. I thought I should write about it to provide some insight.

Before you shout, verbally abuse and personally attack someone, think of the following:

1. Is it even this person’s job to deal with your complaint?

Respect the fact that different people have different jobs. If this is not their job, they probably can’t help you that much, if at all. Why bother wasting your and their time?

2. Is it this person’s fault?

Remember that a company normally has many different people in many different departments. Sometimes errors happen beyond the control of any of the staff. But, if it is due to someone’s mistake, it most likely is not the customer service representative who was responsible.

3. Does this person even have the capacity to grant your request?

Understand that even customer service representatives have certain guidelines to follow. If you are requesting for something outside of those guidelines, they either simply cannot provide that option or need to ask their supervisor. In many cases, the supervisor cannot do anything because it is their policy.

4. Does this person deserve to be treated like your personal slave because they work for or with a company you paid money to?

Just because you have paid for something it does not mean you own the company or the people working for it. It is a common thing I see happening, with people treating staff horribly. For example, employers disrespecting and overworking domestic helpers. People verbally abusing wait staff at restaurants.

5. Ultimately, and more importantly for you, will shouting or verbal abuse help solve your problem?

The best way is to deal with it maturely and logically. Shouting will not speed things up. It most likely slow things down because they can’t understand you clearly or will try to calm you down before being able to process your request. Or, if you are unlucky, lead to a less than optimal solution because the customer service representative is unprofessional. In the case of small businesses, they might even just hang up on you (bad, but true.)

Whether it be friends or strangers, dealing with an issue is best done calmly. Even if someone is at fault, shouting and personal attacks are fuel not a solution. Don’t be that guy who makes life miserable for himself and others for no good reason. Anyone had to deal with such unreasonable people before? =)


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