It is possible to earn battle points and items from playing against bots! We just need to be playing in the right mode. I thought I’d mention this and show you which one because some people asked about this yesterday.

Make sure that it is a “Co-Op Bot Match” under “Matchmaking”, NOT “Private Games”. This is highlighted in the picture below.

1. 4 human teammates + you

Even if you are playing alone or in a party, it will match you up to team WITH other humans to play against five other bots. Only “All Pick” is available in this mode. You can still select which server and the bot difficulty. If you are introducing Dota 2 to friends, this is a good mode to use. Giving them an experience of earning battle points and items can be fun. The only downside is possibly having some rude random people flaming your friends. If you want them completely sheltered until they are hooked, private games might be the way to go.

2. Bot opponents

It is 100% playing against bots. So, if you want to play against people, don’t use this mode. 😛 Having said that, I feel that the “unfair” bots are better than 50% of players. XD

3. Earn battle points

Unlike private games, you can earn battle points in this mode. Why would you want to do that? Battle points increase you overall “Dota 2” level. Each time your Dota 2 level increases, you get a guaranteed item drop. (If you are new to Dota 2, these battle points have nothing to do with game play.

4. Possible item drops

Just like playing in regular MM games, you have a chance to get some items after the game ends. I’m not sure if it is a lower or higher chance. My guess is that it’s the same, but I could be wrong.

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