My Dota 2 has been bugged for 11 days now. Sharing this because it is one reason why I haven’t started streaming this week, update people with these bugs and share how to deal with getting a Dota 2 bug. Reflected a bit with this ordeal. Don’t worry. Although I felt frustrated like the meme above, I didn’t really flip out.

What Bug?

I have been one of the select few who are lucky enough to experience not one but two major bugs. Thank you to eClub Malaysia who were very kind and took their time to look into my laptop to check the situation. Valve is looking into it. I hope that there is a fix in the upcoming patch. *crosses fingers*

  1. Game doesn’t load to watch or play
  2. Severe packet loss -> 5-30s pauses every 1-3s (one game it just paused me and I couldn’t move, but I could hear everything)

Annoying Advice

This experience made me reflect on what could be seen as annoying advice. My awesome friends and friendly strangers tried to help by giving advice. I appreciate the thought, but it started getting old, pointless and time-wasting. I found myself thinking “Why is he suggesting this when I’ve already tried it? If he wants to help, why not read the problem first?” So just a reminder to myself and suggestion to others:

  1. Don’t give advice when not asked – Sometimes people just want you to listen (In my case, I didn’t want to talk about the details at all)
  2. If you’re going to give advice, know the facts.

How to Seek for Help

While stalking the official Dota 2 development forum to see if a solution miraculously pops up, I’ve noted that not that many people know how to act to get their desired response. People clearly displayed how much they loved the game by using ALL CAPS text, flaming and lashing out to random people. But, I probably should leave this for another post. This in its own deserves an article all to itself.

Dealing with No Dota 2

If you find yourself in a situation like me, remember that you can watch Dota 2 streams and play other games. It’s a great time to explore other things that might interest you, games and even other hobbies. When is the last time you’ve read a book? Or, maybe it’s time to attack that pile of work/goals you have piling up. ^_^

I really hope I wake up tomorrow and it runs smoothly! I love the game and Valve. I completely understand that there will be bugs in beta and when it’s released. Wish me luck!

9 Responses

  1. Kirby!

    D: D: D: Dont know the solution either…. Hope this can be solved for you soon. Felt your desire in playing dota 2. hahaha. dont flip tables!!! XD

  2. Emunator

    Great writing, hope for you it get’s solved soon.
    Glad i only tried to give you advice just once 😛

  3. ahson

    Well, whenever i get any bug i just delete my whole settings folder and do a file integrity check, works like a charm after that.

  4. dpmlicious

    @ Kirby. Thanks. It is irritating…don’t worry. I wouldn’t dream of damaging my laptop. 😛

    @ Emunator. LOL. Thanks.

    @ ahson. That’s great for you. Too bad doing that doesn’t work for me. =)

  5. RaffyS

    I know what you mean by useless advice being annoying. Wish people would realise that just because I have a problem in the game, doesn’t mean I’m a complete jackass who’s playing on servers on the other side of the world.

    O well, I guess I needed to start on these Uni assignments soon anyway >.>

  6. dpmlicious

    Hi Raffy. I guess in-game people might be extra moody, especially on a losing streak. =D HF with your homework… or as much as you can. =D

  7. Renato G. Gallardo, Jr.

    Omg….feel relieved that Im not the only one who experienced that especially with the bug no. 2….It will be good to know if they can fix that problem thru the upcoming patches…my experience/s was when Im in game, I always have pauses, cannot move and then suddenly…am dead (during clashes) which really ruined my game/s…sometimes also I get disconnected and it says “Disconnected from Server…Timeout” and that happens every 2 or three minutes so I have to reconnect again…sigh…hope that they could find a solution….

  8. Apokita

    Try go flush your win. reg. with something like CCleaner. Re-Uninstall all steam folders, Open CC and run it, then reinstall.


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