Waiting for my flight back to HK. Well, days ago.

Not sure whether it was jet lag or my need to get my Dota 2 fill that lead me to play until I was to tired and ended up sleeping in the afternoon until the evening. It seems that I can now revert to my regular sleeping schedule.

No time to wallow in post-TI2 depression because there are way too many things to do. For those curious what I am up to… here it is.

1. Thanking Everyone
Hopefully, I won’t miss out anyone and will be able to reach everyone. Sending emails and parcels! I had a wonderful trip and met amazing people. I have a surprise up my sleeve too! I really want them to know how appreciative that I met them and of their time.

2. Getting my DPMlicious Stuff Back on Track
Plan to resume streaming this week. Need to consistently post on my blog. Need to set up a series of giveaways for the things I’ve bought to share my The International and Dota 2 experience with others. Most importantly, is I really want to start working on some project ideas I have had for years.

3.Start New Healthy Regime
A healthy body can do wonders in how you can enjoy life. According to my BMI, I am overweight and I agree. Gained about 22lbs (10kg) over a few months before The International. So, since I’m somewhat settled in, I will be back on good sleep habits, exercising and a balanced diet.

4. Contributing more to eSports and Gaming
Beyond the small fun activities I like to do while gaming, I plan to contribute even more to eSports and Gaming as a whole. Being at an event like The International has been very inspirational. I want to help make people’s dreams come true, including my own.

And of course, I have my family of pandas to groom. There are also a few other things on my plate, but I think I’ve written too much already! Less talk, more action! ^_^

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  1. Chris

    Good stuff glad to see you will be streaming more again 😀 The giveaways and getting back on track in healthy living sounds awesome to. As for contributing more to esports and gaming..well I can’t really do any of that except play harder and watch more Dota 2 events haha.

  2. dpmlicious

    Thanks. Having a bit of trouble sleeping at the right time because I keep falling asleep and taking naps. ACK.

    Contributing to eSports and gaming can be done by everyone. Whether it is from having good manners in a game, living a balanced life and being a healthy gamer (great example that gaming is not a negative thing to the general public) or supporting your favourite team by watching them… =D


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