Update: All 100 were put on sale (some accidentally for 0.79 somehow.) So, there are no more to giveaway for free. I will make another post tomorrow to update how much I received back (minus the Steam market fees) and which Dota 2 items I had to buy for future events to free up space to sell all of the Compendiums. There is a USD 500 limit on the Steam wallet. Otherwise, I probably would have saved it all for that. Thanks for reading.

I will make 100 TI3 compendiums available for their slightly less than the original price of USD 9.98 (it keeps changing it to 9.98) and give the unsold ones in the last hour before expiration. These were the compendiums I ended to give away for free. Unfortunately, I was unable to execute that giveaway before TI3 ended and kept delaying the remedy giveaway. I apologize and hope I can be forgiven and get a chance to regain your trust. No matter what struggles I faced the past years, it was still wrong. (Below is a longer apology, if you have time.)

My objectives of this are
1. Providing people who want the TI3 compendium at the original price, since it is currently being sold for $50+.
2. Using the money I get back for my future giveaways.
3. Giving away the remaining ones some time during the very last hour before they expire.

I have chosen to do it this way, so that they reach people who really need/want them. Because if I gave them for free now, some might only try to resell them at a high price and let them expire (if they don’t sell at a good price) since they got them for free anyway.

So, if you want to buy or get one for free:
1. You can buy it for $9.98 on the Steam Community Market from dpmlicious (Don’t add this account to get one though).
2. You can wait until the last hour (11pm – 12mn PDT) in the dpmlicious Steam group chat room. You don’t need to join the group and members will not be given priority. All you need to do is click the “Enter chat room” button. I will randomly offer to trade with people. Check here for your local time. If you don’t have one, might as well see if you can get one for free since gives you a bunch of free things.

My apology
I am deeply sorry to those who entered my 100 TI3 compendium giveaway by tweeting at someone in the Dota 2 scene to let them know what they like about them. Unfortunately, I am unable to track down those old tweets. If I could, I would basically use that information to give 100 free TI5 compendiums to remedy the situation. (If someone knows a way to do that, I will do it even though I don’t nearly have as many earnings this year, since I’ve been focusing on my health.)

I am also sorry to those who have been supporting me and are disappointed at my lack of execution lately. I overestimated my ability to get it done in time before/during Ti3. To be honest, I just have been lacking motivation in multiple areas lately. Things are much better now though. I do intend to do future contests and giveaways, as well as clear up pending prizes that I need to send to people (some of which are in HK, which I can mail while I am there in May.)

To everyone, I am extremely sorry for the implications this has on the Dota 2 and gaming scene. I know that it looks bad and puts mistrust in the industry. I still intend on having a positive impact on this industry, so I will remedy this situation as much as I can, as well as provide as much positive energy as I can from now.

I only hope that people know that the original giveaway was not a ploy to gain followers or popularity. It was sincerely an attempt to giveaway the best item I could at the time to share the joy of TI, as well as help spread happiness to those who have contributed so much to our community. That is why it was designed that way and did not require people to follow me in any way to win. It was USD 1k out of my own pocket to give back to the community that has been so kind to me.

Thank you so much!

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