The Alienware Singapore DotA Elite Showcase was one of the fun things I organised while I was working in Garena. Since the Garena blog has been revamped and all data lost, I thought it would be great to upload the pictures here. This was an invitational event to pit some of Singapore’s best DotA teams against each other. DFW, DsD, Flash.DotA and Lightz butted heads to win the awesome first and second prizes, Alienware TactX Headsets and mice. All teams were recognised by Alienware with SGD 250 per team and Garena with 3-months Premium Membership each. They all played on the very model I am using now, the Alienware M17x!

Rainbow keyboard on the Alienware M17x!

So, who won? Check out the brackets. You can also download the Alienware Singapore DotA Elite Showcase Replay Pack.

ASDES Double Elimination Bo1 Brackets

Guess you must be interested what these players look like. Here you go!

1st Place: Flash.DotA (Left to Right: dpm, zczczc, rh, Chawy, Zilch, d4rkn3ss, xiaoming, Chips)

2nd Place: DFW (Left to right: dpm, Chips, mike, thisisart-, benwah, lemion, abc)

3rd Place: DsD

4th Place: Lightz (Left to Right: dpmlicious, san–, [CB]ahtys, Tomochin, kR.-, oS.-)

The turn out was quite great with people even sitting down to watch the matches! Of course some of them were the actual players in the showcase, but they could’ve easily decided to go shopping or eat. There were even some kids! I wonder how pro they will be if they start playing DotA now!

ASDES Audience watching the show!

We all thought he was his brother!!! LOL

There was an audience raffle with an Alienware TactX Headset, Alienware TactX Mouse and Garena Gold Membership as prizes. All the audience had to do was sign up and take some photos. Here they are!

Wow! They're in Garena RED! LOL


Things were great. I had a fun time. I’m glad that the event marshalls committed to helping out!

Me in a rush! LOL

DPMlicious is currently using an Alienware M17x!

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  1. mark

    @DPM i though your not working anymore with garena 😀 hahaha…

    Can i ask something how much is that alienware laptop 😀 xS

  2. mark DOTA-critical

    wew ^^ i can buy that someday rawr! 😀 hahahah you look sexy there :”> lols hahahah

    can i have a favor?you know that im one of your fan . haha can you do me a fansign :”> heheh thanks dpm.


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