My Alienware M17X was the perfect companion for my trip to the hair salon. A hair cut and special conditioning treatment can take a few hours. Today, it was around three.

The problem with bringing a book or magazine to read is that it’s all you have. If you bring a laptop, you can do all sorts of things with an internet connection. So, I spent my visit chatting online and working on my stuff.

Homecare set for continuous treatment for two months! Included in the package.

Everyone who walked passed me, couldn’t help but notice this majestic work of art. They probably thought I was nuts for carrying such a big laptop around. Maybe I also need a lighter and more portable laptop for bringing around when I need to work on stuff.

Can you tell what my desktop image is? 😛

The experience was fun, since I had my beloved Alienware lappy. The only bad news I got was that my hair seems to be naturally frizzy. The good news about that is that it’s not as damaged as I thought it was… just that I need to use anti-frizz products to prevent looking like medusa. 😀

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  1. Falten Pitt

    wow, You really a fanatic DotA lover girl. For me, I even Online when I am bathing in the bath tube. Speaking about addiction.. 😀


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