We had a blast at the Alienware Gaming Community Night. Great quality free food and drinks are always a pleasure, but even more when you get to have it with fun people in the gaming industry! The event was organised bySadaf Salim and Cheryl yeo of XPR at Brotzeit.

I think you’ll be able to tell that I did gain 6-7kg since I moved to Singapore! These photos really woke me up.

Sandwiched between Dolly Chin & Chips Pang, both from Dell

Dell Streak is a a 5-inch android tablet that can also be used as a phone. For people who can’t  type messages on an iphone but don’t wan’t a small screen on a BlackBerry, this just might be the solution. I just had to tell Boon, my friend about it. I will make a separate post about it.

Boon & Myself. That's not porn! It's a trailor! That is a horrible angle for me!!!

Besides Boon, it was fun to bump into more familiar faces! Hammy, from Garena was also there!

Hammy, Ying Hui and Erik

Erik “ekL” Larsson,  from Team Titans, was in a fun mood and got an Alienware tattoo!

Check out the tattoo on his arm! His team captain, Prasad “StrykerX” Paramajothi, purposely put it upside down! Btw, it stays on for SEVEN days!

DPMlicious is currently using an Alienware M17x!

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  1. dpmlicious

    Haha. Are you talking about the Dell Streak? Nope. That was one of the few models currently in Singapore. It’s not available here… not yet. =)

  2. superquark

    Oic! You wud have been lucky if they gave it to u as a return gift
    for attending the event

  3. Ben10__XLR8

    arg i donno how to use this chat here i just post something and tat thing i post gone….


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